Frequently Asked Questions

Q. - When I install the louvers under the eve, does it matter in which direction the opening faces?

A. - Yes, the proper installation will have the opening of the louver facing the house. This is done to help reduce the possibility of strong wind forcing rain water into the attic, while providing a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Q. - Which size or type louver will be best suited for my application?

A. - Please call us (800) 997-2877 and we will be glad to help figure out the best solution for your situation.

Q. - What does the installation process involve?

A. - Drill a whole with the appropriate size hole saw in the desired space of the material the vent will be installed in. Then simply press the louver into the whole by pressing on the flange not the louvered fins, the 3 dedents on the tube will hold the louver firmly in place.

** Note: Please drill a sample hole in a scrap piece of material to ensure the hole saw is the correct match to the size of the louver being installed.

Q. - Is venting only the top of the roof or at the eaves enough to provide proper ventilation?

A. - No. In order to ensure proper airflow both sections (top of roof) and eaves should be vented. This will allow the air to flow freely through the eaves and out of the roof vents.